Use of the global gene pool of livestock Textbook

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Издатель: Эверо
Жанры Сельское хозяйство, Животноводство
Страницы: 176 страниц
ISBN13: 9786013425269
Город публикации: Алматы
Язык книги: eng
Хранилище: ОУНБ

    The problem of preserving the gene pool of flora and fauna occupies a special place among the global problems of human progress. Kazakhstan has the richest genetic resources of various forms of flora and fauna. The vast expanse of pastures and grazing of the republic (187 million hectares) represents a huge potential for breeding a significant number of species and breeds of farm animals with a global gene pool.

    The study of this discipline gives an idea of the role and significance of the global genetic potential for the qualitative transformation of domestic breeds of agricultural animals, the role of domestic and foreign scientists and specialists in the correct choice and application of the global gene pool in specific economic and regional animal breeding areas.

    The textbook «Use of the global gene pool of animal» addresses issues related t the conservation of gene pool of the animal world, both regional and world scale, describes animal breeds bred  in Kazakhstan and foreign countries that are of interest to breeders in raising, productive and adaptive qualities of animals.


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